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Contact A.C. Plumbing for all your plumbing problems. You can count on us to be ready – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – we are always on call and will be available for any of your plumbing emergencies. We service anywhere in the Cleveland area and beyond and our service is at the same quality, whether you call at 2 PM or 2 AM.

Our 24 hour emergency plumbers are ready for your call. Some services include (but not limited to):

  • Gas piping
  • Water or gas leaks
  • Sump pumps
  • Drains

Gas Supply Piping

This is the piping which supplies natural gas from your gas meter to your gas appliances including heating systems, stoves, cook tops, grills, and dryers. This piping is usually rigid black iron that has threads at the ends to except fittings. There are a variety of other types of gas delivery piping including flexible aluminum, fiberglass, and copper. Regardless of what kind, it’s not uncommon for piping seals to dry and fail causing gas leaks. No size gas leak is safe, regardless of how small it is. If there is any suspicion of a gas leak from anywhere in your home, shut the gas off and call your gas company or 911 immediately. Over a period of time, a small leak can fill a room and eventually cause an explosion.

Gas leaks are considered a safety hazard and we will have same day response to evaluate and make the necessary repairs to get your gas systems back up and running safely. If your gas has been shut off by the Fire Dept. or Gas Company, we will contact your gas provider during repairs and coordinate with them to turn your meter back on after work is complete.

Pressure testing your entire gas piping system is a common procedure and involves pumping a specific amount of air in the gas lines and watching a gauge for a loss of pressure. If the pressure falls, we know there are leaks in the system.


Water Supply Piping Installation and Repair

This is the piping that delivers water from your water meter to all your faucet fixtures and appliances. This piping is commonly copper, but can be made of galvanized steel, PEX, PVC, or Brass. There are many different ways to make pipe connection’s (soldering, crimping, threading, gluing, etc) all of which can fail and leak causing water damage. If you notice a small water leak, it is important to act on it as soon as possible because the leaks will only get worse and may burst, causing extensive damage to your home.


A.C. Plumbing is capable of servicing any waterline repair/installation, indoors or outdoors, large diameter or small diameter.


Drainage Piping

This is the piping that delivers water/waste out or away from your home. This piping can be all different diameters depending on what it’s transporting and can be made of a variety of different materials depending on the application and what its being used for. It is most commonly PVC plastic in newer construction but can also be made of cast iron, steel, copper, cpvc, or clay. It is not uncommon for drain lines to become slow to drain or even completely blocked. There are many different factors causing slow or blocked drains but the problem is often solved with the use of a cable machine or “snake.” For sewer and drain cleaning, this involves sending a steel cable in the affected drain line until it reaches the blockage. The diameter of the cable and size of machine depend on the size of the problematic drain line and distance to the blockage.

A.C. Plumbing is equipped to solve all drainage problems, inside or outside, storm water or sanitary waste, repairs or new installation.


Floor Drains

Drains that are found flush with the floor and are built with a trap are called floor drains. Floor drains are designed to drain moisture that ends up on the floor or as a drain for emergency flooding.

Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps are used for draining accumulated water or sewage. They are usually located inside of a pit and at the lowest point in your home or building. They are commonly used to pump storm water away from your home by lowering the water table under your foundation and pumping it into your storm system piping. There are many types of pumps used for different uses. Most common pumps turn on automatically as the water level raises to a certain point. Alarms and back-up power are commonly installed on these pumps to avoid flooding when electricity is off or malfunction occurs.

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