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Dishwasher Installation


 Dishwasher Installation and Diagnostics

Dishwashers are a convenient and efficient way to clean your food utensils. There are many sizes and capabilities of dishwashers depending on your needs.

Our staff can provide advice when looking to purchase a new dishwasher unit and can direct you to certified dishwasher suppliers and showrooms to see a variety of brands and their capabilities before you purchase them.

There are many components and systems that work cohesively during a dishwashing cycle. Failure of components within these systems will cause dishwasher malfunctions. Leaking Dishwasher compartments, leaking drain lines water supply lines, and power failures are some common problems with dishwashers.


A.C. Plumbing is experienced in repairing and installing all brands of dishwasher units.

Our technicians are well-experienced with all makes and models of dishwashers. From new installation to repairs or replacement, we can diagnose the problem and take the necessary actions to get your unit back in service.

At times, your dishwasher will not drain and will have sitting waste water. Most likely this problem is caused by the sink drain becoming clogged which will prevent the dishwasher from draining correctly. A technician will assess the blockage and take the necessary steps to insure a clear drain and a fluid drain flow.


Tip: The single most important factor in getting good results is HOT WATER!
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