Kitchen Repair and Installations

We love kitchens and spend a lot of time in our own, so we know how important they may be to others. A.C. Plumbing offers many services for repairs and installation services in your kitchen. Our services include (but not limited to):

Faucet Fixtures

Your kitchen faucet fixture is your kitchens main water supply for all the food you cook and the dishes, pots, pans, etc. that you clean.  There are many options and styles to consider based on your needs in your kitchen.  From single handle kitchen faucets to two handle operations, pullout sprayers and rinsers, touchless sensor operated spouts, and multi stream adjustments are all options to consider.  A.C Plumbing can give you the advice you need when choosing your new fixture based on your existing counter top and water supply plumbing.

A.C. Plumbing is equipped in handling all kitchen faucet repairs and installations.  We stock most common brand parts and rebuild kits for all different models. If the defective part needing replacement is not available locally, we have the resources to identify and contact the many different manufacturers and suppliers across the country for correct replacement parts. 


Kitchen Sink Repair

Our technicians are experienced in the installation and repairing of all kitchen sinks.  Installs are routine for A.C. Plumbing, from drop-in sinks or stand alone sinks to under mounted and one piece sinks. Problems with sinks can include leaks from plumbing connections underneath, leaks from countertop-sink connection, unstable or loose sink top from improper mounting, cracked or corroded compartment or bowl causing water leaks.

All of these problems can be evaluated, diagnosed and repaired quickly by an A.C. Plumbing technician.


Food/Waste Disposals 

Disposals are a useful and convenient way to dispose of your food waste. Residential disposals can come in a variety of different sizes and capabilities. For light food waste, a smaller unit is recommended with a low horsepower rating. For larger and denser food waste, a larger disposal is recommended with higher horsepower.

Depending on your kitchen layout and design, it is common to have your dishwasher drain empty into your disposal via a plastic corrugated drain line. The dishwasher waste water should empty freely into the disposal drain compartment which will then enter your sanitary drain piping.

Disposals can be overloaded with waste causing increased stress on the disposals components.  If your disposal is not rated for the amount or type of waste put into it, the blade can bind up which can trip a built in resettable fuse. This resettable fuse will trip to protect the motor from overheating or burning out.  The fuse can be easily reset by pushing a red button located on the bottom of the disposal housing. The disposal drain compartment should be cleared of waste before resetting the fuse and power must be cut off from disposal when doing this.  This procedure should be completed by a licensed repairman because of the danger of reaching in the waste compartment.  If resetting this fuse does not correct problem, then there is some other electrical or mechanical component failure that needs to be diagnosed.

Regardless of the cause of the malfunction, A.C. Plumbing is prepared to diagnose and repair all disposal failures.



Dishwashers are a convenient and efficient way to clean your dishes and food utensils. There are many sizes and capabilities of dishwashers depending on your needs. There are many components and systems that work cohesively during a dishwashing cycle. Failure of components within these systems will cause dishwasher malfunctions. Leaking Dishwasher compartments, leaking drain lines and water supply lines, and power failures are some common problems with dishwashers.

A.C. Plumbing staff can provide advice when looking to purchase a new dishwasher unit and can direct you to certified dishwasher suppliers and showrooms to see a variety of brands and their capabilities before you purchase them.

A.C. Plumbing is experienced in repairing and installing all brands of dishwasher units.


Gas Appliances 

Gas Appliances in you kitchen may include cooktops, stoves, and ovens.  All of these appliances should only be installed by licensed plumbing contractors and according to national and state code requirements.

A.C. Plumbing is licensed and capable of any of your kitchen appliance repairs and installations.  Contact our office for advice and referrals to kitchen appliance suppliers and showrooms for all your gas appliance needs and concerns when looking to purchase a new kitchen appliance.


Ice Makers 

Ice makers are often found in residential refrigerators and can be a convenient way to store and dispense ice when a low-medium demand of ice is needed. Refrigerator icemakers require a water supply line and often have built in water filtration. Filters will become filled with filtered debris slowing ice water production and decreasing water pressure. A.C. Plumbing can identify and install any replacement filter to fit your refrigerator icemaker and water dispenser.

Ice makers are often used commercial settings and in some residential settings to keep up with a large demand of ice. If you or your family consume more ice than your fridge can produce or you’re often hosting parties or get together where a larger amount of ice is needed, a standalone ice maker is recommended. A standalone icemaker makes ice in a more efficient and faster way than a basic refrigerator ice maker. They are quiet, efficient and can completely blend in with your kitchen cabinetry.