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Drain problems are never convenient. They interfere with your day to day activities and a “slow drain” can quickly turn into a “blocked drain.” This is what has happened when you find backed up water in your sinks, bathtubs and toilets. In most cases with drainage, the more serious the problem, the more difficult the maintenance or repair may be, and the more costly it can be for the homeowner. The best way to avoid this is preventive care.

Why Can’t You Do It Yourself?

Although it may be possible to clear a simple hair or grease clog in your smaller kitchen or bathroom drains yourself, but when there is a stubborn blockage the DIY techniques just won’t do the trick. Your everyday liquid acid-based clog removers like Draino or Liquid Plumber can be harmful to yourself, your pipes and the environment, and rarely solve the issue for very long. If you have PVC drain pipes, acid products can actually eat away at the glued connections causing bigger problems in the future. PVC failures are an extremely common finding and is found in homes where chemicals are poured into the drain systems as a solution to slower drain flow.

Snaking the drain yourself may work, but if the blockage is further down the drain line, a typical DIY drain snake will not be able to reach your problem.
In every case, depending on the severity of the clog, repairs may become expensive and time consuming, so the best way to save yourself time, money, and the inconvenience is through good drain preventative maintenance. A good and common practice for many of our customers is a drain cleaning at least once a year on your most used drains which includes kitchen sinks and shower drains. This procedure includes sending a steal cable with a cleaning head down the drain until it reaches the main drain branch. This will clear and pick up all small blockages that may accumulate over time.

Sanitary Drain Cleaning Service

Main Sanitary Drain Cleaning

All of your indoor sanitary drains eventually lead to your main sanitary line which either goes to your city’s sewer system or to your septic system. Everything that goes down any of your indoor drains will eventually travel through this pipe and can be made of PVC, Clay, or Cast Iron materiel. Depending on your homes elevation in relation to your city’s sewer or septic system, the main line can be anywhere from 4ft-15ft under ground and travel away from your home. These drain lines can become blocked and halt all indoor plumbing use until blockage is cleared. A common finding when your main sanitary line is blocked is your basement floor drains will overflow and flood the room with sewage.

Tree roots are the common culprit of main line occlusions and will thrive off the water source.

The roots find there way in the pipe through perforations or deteriorating connections and live off this water supply. The roots can grow large and fill the diameter of the piping with small capillary like branches and may become so compacted that drain clearing techniques are not possible and the piping must be removed and replaced.

CAMERA DIAGNOSTICS and annual preventative drain cleaning with large diameter cables prevent these invasive repairs.


Storm Drain Cleaning Service

What Kind of Preventative Maintenance?
Your storm system is a drainage system that takes in outside storm and rain water and delivers it away from your home. In order to keep your basements dry and landscape intact, these systems must be clear. This drainage system is completely separate from your sanitary drainage and can transport water to your cities storm sewer or nearby bodies of water. Often clogs are further along the piping system. These drains are also susceptible to root intrusion and can become completely compacted. By annual preventative care, these problems are avoided before they require much more serious attention and an expensive repair. Having an A.C Plumbing technician come by yearly to snake and rooter your drains is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to keep your drains running smoothly. We can take care of all of your drain cleaning service needs.