Bathroom Plumbing Repair and Installation

From new construction, to repairs or replacements and installation, A.C. Plumbing is equipped to handle all your porcelain throne plumbing needs.


Whether its soaking tubs, free standing tubs, or jetted tubs, A.C. Plumbing can install and repair any brand out there. Depending on your preference or style, a bathtub can be the centerpiece of your bathroom and its installation must be flawless. Your tub fixtures and tub drains can present many different issues over time and A.C. Plumbing is equipped and prepared for all of them.


A.C. Plumbing installs and repairs shower heads, rain down heads, standard shower valves, diversion kits, body sprayers, massage jets and steam systems. Any tile work needed for installation or repair can be done by our staffed tile setters with years of experience working in residential and commercial settings.


It is important to have a reliable and efficient toilet fixture in your bathroom. A toilet fixture that doesn’t flush correctly or a running toilet can be frustrating and costly. Our top selling toilets are from Toto and Gerber. Being top brands on recent consumer reports magazines, these models are both reliable and efficient, and are commonly found in commercial settings because of their reliability and durability during heavy usage. But, depending on your bathroom style and theme, there are many brands that offer different shapes and designs to match your application.
Are you experiencing problems with your current toilet? Is it running intermittently? Is it leaking from the tank, supply line? Is there water surrounding the base on the floor? Are your flushes weak and incomplete? Does the bowl seem to be blocked completely? All of these problems are common and can usually be repaired without replacing the entire toilet fixture. Commonly, the mechanical components of a toilet and the seals within can malfunction or wear out and need replacement to solve these issues.

A.C. Plumbing stocks all these parts from all the different manufacturers so these types of repairs go quickly and smoothly. Even in those 80 year old Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights homes with original toilet fixtures, our techs understand the importance of keeping your home as original and vintage as possible. Other Plumbing companies may not understand this thinking and lack the experience to make these older repairs. As long as the parts are available, these repairs are routine at A.C. Plumbing.


Depending on the type of bathroom, Urinals can be a practical addition for ease and to keep traffic moving. A.C. Plumbing has designed both commercial and residential bathrooms and locker rooms containing urinals. There are a variety of different styles and designs to fit your needs. Weather you are looking to add a bathroom off of your workout room or pool house or a large scale bathroom capable of large occupant demand and smooth traffic flow, A.C. Plumbing is capable of all urinal fixture and piping installations and repairs.


Bidets are commonly found in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, East Asia, or China and are slowly gaining popularity in the United States. It’s traditionally a basin near the toilet and is used to clean and freshen up after using toilet.
Bidets offer washing methods superior to your common toilet tissue and add a stylish and unique look in your bathroom. A.C. Plumbing offers all bidet installation’s and repairs.

Faucet Fixtures

Your faucet fixture in your bathroom is the most used plumbing fixture in your bathroom. It’s style and operation is noticed by every user and its reliability and durability is depended on constantly. Faucet fixtures come in hundreds of styles and colors from one piece fixtures with a single handle, to two handle three piece fixtures, to completely touchless sensor operating fixtures. When choosing your bathroom fixture, we can offer you product documentation with pictures and specs or refer you to the many supplier show rooms we are affiliated with who can offer you professional advice and styling tips.

Problems or malfunctions with your faucet fixture can arise due to a variety of different reasons. Water quality, age, and improper use are all factors in faucet failures. Repairing the issues can involve routine cleaning of mineral deposits built up on the internal parts, or they can involve part replacement or rebuild kit installations which will require faucet disassembly.

A.C. Plumbing stocks parts and rebuild kits from the most common brand fixtures making most of these these repairs quick and smooth. If the faucet is an uncommon brand, A.C. Plumbing, is experienced and has the resources to identify all different manufacturers and suppliers across the country for replacement parts.

When A.C. Plumbing finds it practical and cost effective for the customer to only replace a part rather than the entire fixture, we will use that option.